Handling instructions

HS, -HT, -CL, -LS

The following guidelines are a list of steps you should take the best possible result and to be able to realize the performance of the tape Optimize. To use the self-adhesive tape in combination with a primer, can thereby also serves the guidelines to be followed for the application of a primer.

The guidelines for applying adhesive tape are based on reliable tests and data, but may be different for each connection, so that the completeness and accuracy can not be guaranteed. It is therefore important and your responsibility that you evaluate the connection and the end result itself and test before using it for the intended application.


Before you connect the materials together, You should acclimate the material for 24 hours in the workshop. When choosing your workplace is important to take precautions HINTS your safety and well-ventilated to work space. Use the adhesive tape then preferably at a temperature between 16 degrees Celsius and 24 degrees Celsius, at a relative humidity of 30% -50%.

The connection uses 72 hours before it reaches its end-strength.

In case of danger, damage, or doubt about the product delivered and / or the connection is advisable to contact directly with us.

Guidelines for the application of self-adhesive tapes.


If you want to connect a dirty or corroded surface, you need to sand them first. Clean the surfaces that you want to connect clean, preferably with a lint-free cloth and isopropyl alcohol surface cleaner.


Clean the surfaces after the final cleaning with a lint-free cloth to dry. Always move in one direction and a movement, as long as the cloth remains clean.


Apply the tape to one of the surfaces and this press firmly, preferably with a roller. , avoiding as much as possible contact with both the adhesive side of the tape, as the cleaned surfaces.

Contact pressure.

Finally connect the substrates with each other and press down firmly with a aandrukroller for better adhesion. Review and test the connection before using it for the intended application.